The silent giant


The Sumo 103 is part of one of the largest projects in yacht construction in 2009.


One of our clients entrusted us, the German manufacturer okugi lift system, with the construction of this unique TV lift. The result was very convincing in its technical perfection and exclusive workmanship. The Sumo 103 is an extremely quiet TV lift based on hydraulic technology, which allows a heavy 250 kilogramme monitor to slip out of the ceiling and turn almost without a sound.

Although it is very experienced in the production of ceiling lifts, the size of the monitor was still something new for the company. The lift was developed and manufactured in the new production hall in Bremen.

Convenient control of the heavy 250 kilogram monitor is made possible by an extremely quiet hydraulic drive that is coupled with electric turning and bolting motors. The concealed lever arm of the lift exerts a force of more than three tons. Until now, it was mostly electric motors that controlled such monitors. Due to the particular size of the monitor – the screen diagonal measures more than 2.6
metres – the designers decided in favour of another drive based on hydraulic technology.

With this size, okugi now holds the world record for ceiling lifts – a fact that makes the company from Bremen very proud.