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Ceiling lifts

Due to the heavy weight of monitors that are constantly becoming heavier, ceiling-mount TV lifts must be stronger.
With the »Sumo 103«, okugi lift systems now has the most powerful TV lift worldwide in its product range. All the listed lift systems can be individually adapted and further developed.


Drop-down lift
A drop-down lift from okugi means low noise with high extension speed and mechanical perfection. When the time comes, it disappears as fast as it appeared.
Drop-down-rotate lift
The »Sumo 103« is an excellent example of the performance of our drop-down-rotate lift: It lifts and swivels its heavy 250 kilogram 103" television smoothly and with very little noise. This is made possible by a hydraulic drive that is coupled with electric turn and bolting motors. This size is one-of-a-kind, but naturally it can be ordered in other variations.
Drop-down-rotate-tilt lift
This lift class leaves nothing to be desired in the area of mobility. Besides folding the monitor out of the ceiling and turning it, another movement is possible. The tilt can be changed. If light conditions are difficult, tilting will improve screen perception.