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Pop-up lifts

The right lift for any monitor.
The origin of our company dates back to the development of this type of lift. Naturally, we have continued our development of this singular technology since that time. This gives us the possibility of discretely integrating the flat screens of all manufacturers into your living space.


Pop-up lift
The lift housing and TV carrier are made of stainless steel. The holders for the flat screen are made of stainless steel or aluminium.  The Pop-up lift is driven by a ball screw that the motor power quietly puts into motion through the guide tracks arranged on the side.
light Pop-up lift
The light version of the pop-up lift is specifically made for applications in which lighter weight is required. Additionally, this unit has no casing. Nevertheless, it is very stable and loadable due to its particular construction. The lift can be used in a variety of ways and fits optimally with the structural conditions.
Pop-up-rotate lift
Our pop-up-rotate lift works with different televisions. The stainless steel bracket for holding the unit can be turned electrically, facilitating the ideal setting of the monitor – depending on from where you want to watch it.
Pop-up-swing lift
The pop-up lift with swing capability is perfectly suited for areas with small space. For example, when it is impossible to turn the monitor on its central axis. This could be the case, for example, if a very wide monitor has to be installed close to a wall. With the axis of rotation on one side, the lift can swing out on request. In this model: to the right.